Your experienced direct contact :


Françoise BONNICI-Guillou, Ph.D. in molecular biology



20 years in medical writing and scientific information field :


Since November 1997, international companies have been working with us: large companies in the cosmetic, diagnostic and pharmacology industries, US and Canadian start-ups, patent attorneys, Contrat Research Organization.


10 years research laboratory experience: 

  • Graduate student at the Public Health Research Institute of New York  
  • Senior scientist in the "molecular biology assays" research laboratory of the French diagnostic market leader
  • Author of articles in PNAS and Biochemistry
  • Co-inventor for 6 international patents

Examples of achievements:

  • Writing of more than 65 phase I, II, III and IV clinical study reports.
  • Writing of  peer-reviewed publications and articles for medical database: 20 documents. 
  • Writing of more the 300 prior art reviews, for example:
    • Retrieval of priorities for an international patent family on nucleic acid labeling techniques.
    • Technical watch on patents targeting molecular biology techniques applied to microbiological diagnosis.
    • Listing of genes involved in a specific cancer type, to help interpretation of gene expression studies using DNA chips.
    • Search for patented sequences to check freedom to operate on sequences used in diagnostic kits.
    • Retrieval of arguments to defend a patent on fixation of oligonucleotides.
    • Report on toxicology profiles of cosmetics components.
    • Literature review on molecular therapeutic targets.
  • Translation of more than 130 patents from English into French.
  • Recurrent technological watches, for example on patents regarding molecular biology methods for microbiological diagnostic.